Welcome to The Together UK Foundation and this is a holding page. Our website will be launching soon, along with our social media accounts. The Together UK Foundation had a soft launch on 5 September 2022 at the Grand Central Hotel, Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Established as a not for profit, non-party political organisation, our purpose is to proactively inform and engage debate on the benefits for all constituent parts of the United Kingdom to remain as a Union. Our aim is to be inclusive of all cultural and political backgrounds within the UK and to provide a unifying voice that is informed, independent and factually based.

Whether it is in relation to financial stability and pension security; continued support for a thriving NHS; an education service that equitably supports our young people to academic or vocational success or an environment that challenges climate change, we know that we are stronger together. Our all-female board of Together UK comprises of Dame Arlene Foster, Sheila Davidson, Sangeeta Waldron, Alison Rankin Frost and Melanie Hampton alongside Patrons Lady Jane Grosvenor and Jeff Edwards MBE OStJ JP DL.

If you believe that this resonates with your values, we want you to be part of that debate and for your voice to be heard then please get in touch and email us at: