Together UK Foundation launched on 5 September 2022 in Belfast. We are a not-for-profit, non-party political organisation with an all-female board of trustees, which comprises of Baroness Arlene Foster, Sheila Davidson, Sangeeta Waldron and Melanie Hampton, with Patrons Lady Jane Grosvenor and Jeff Edwards MBE OStJ JP DL.
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Andrew Grocock
Andrew Grocock
Andrew Grocock
Andrew Grocock
Andrew Grocock
Andrew Grocock

Together UK Foundation is inclusive of all cultural and political backgrounds within the UK, with the aim to provide a unifying voice that is informed, independent and factually based.

Whether it is in relation to financial stability and pension security; continued support for a thriving NHS; an education service that equitably supports our young people to academic or vocational success or an environment that challenges climate change, we know that we are stronger together.

We want everyone to be involved in making vital decisions about our lives and our society and over the coming months we will be commissioning research and launching new initiatives. Your experiences, views and ideas will feed into practical and achievable plans for change.

So do stay-in touch.


The UK remains a major force in international diplomacy, one of the world’s leading military powers, the second highest international development donor, and has a huge global cultural influence. One in four countries currently has a leader who was educated in the UK.*

English remains the global language of business and the internet, and it is estimated will be spoken by 25 percent of the world’s population by 2020.*

Research undertaken on behalf of the British Council by IpsosMori and YouGov found a clear link between people’s participation in British cultural and educational programmes and their interest in doing business with the UK. In a study of 10 strategically important countries, the average level of trust in the UK was 16 percent higher amongst those who had participated in British cultural or educational activities. Higher levels of trust were in turn associated with greater interest in conducting business as well as tourism and study in the UK.*

*Facts obtained from The British Council Website

The UK ranks second on Earth for higher education and for science, only the USA has more top-100 universities or Nobel Laureates, with the University of Oxford coming top of the global higher education league table. The same is true in its recent Olympic and Paralympics medal haul.*

Higher education returns over £14bn per annum in export earnings and the creative industries return another £20bn. Investing in growing international exposure in these sectors will not only help the UK to forge a new global role with long term influence but can help deliver sustainable economic growth today.*

According to the UK Manufacturer’s Organisation 2022 facts, the UK remains the ninth-largest manufacturing nation in the world with an annual output of £183 billion.