Engaging with English Constituencies

Part of the ambition of the TUK Foundation is to promote the benefits of the Union with the all too often forgotten but largest part of the United Kingdom, that of the English. With that in mind, we are engaging with audiences across the country.

On 15th June I accompanied Arlene Foster to Leigh-on-Sea, where she was guest speaker at a political supper club in the constituency of the late Sir David Amiss, that of Southend West, hosted by the Member of parliament Anna Frith and guests.

The evening was an ideal event to discuss unionism and to highlight the benefits of being better together, with examples of the Northern Ireland company RANDOX and their epic vaccine testing service during the COVID-19 pandemic being outlined, as well as the world leading satellite and space technology industry being built in Glasgow, Scotland. The evening was a huge success.

Another opportunity to engage with an English constituency on the subject of the Union was in early September when Arlene and I made a visit to Datchet Golf Club as guests of the Windsor Conservative Association, where Arlene was again the guest speaker. As it turned out, there were many diners from Northern Ireland in the audience as well as a gentleman from the Republic, making for an interesting Q&A after Arlene’s speech. A great night was had by all.

You might be interested in listening to the podcast Arlene did with Windsor Conservative Chairman Lars Swann following our visit.

Andrew Grocock, CEO of Together UK Foundation