‘Mere Unionism’ Talk at The University of Buckingham

On 7th November, through the generosity of TUKF Advisory Board member Mark Seddon (Director of the Centre for UN Studies, University of Buckingham), Arlene was invited by Professor James Tooley (Vice-Chancellor of the University) to give a ‘Fireside Chat’ – without the fire! – on ‘Mere Unionism’ to an invited audience in the universities magnificent Vinson Auditorium.

The evening was introduced by Professor Julian Richards but due to Professor Tooley being taken ill at short notice, Mark Seddon did a magnificent job of playing ‘Michael Parkinson’, bringing out the background details to Arlene’s early life, through to her days as ‘First Minister’ and finishing with a tremendous Q&A session with full audience participation. The event was followed by a small dinner of selected guests, hosted by Professor Richards.

Andrew Grocock, CEO of Together UK Foundation