Planning for a TUKF Wales Launch is Underway

On the conscience of the TUKF was our need to connect with a pro union group in Wales and arrange a TUKF Welsh launch event. So it was a great pleasure to meet with leading members of the No! Cymru organisation, who had kindly travelled from Wales to London on 18th November to discuss working together on pro union issues and to jointly arrange a Wales ‘TUKF Launch / Spring Rally’ in early 2024.

The ‘Independent Wales’ movement is being bolstered by separatist political parties from Northern Ireland and Scotland having regular planning meetings in Wales and though the concept of Wales leaving the United Kingdom seems farcical to us, the positive case for the Union must be made to push back against what is often false, mythical propaganda peddled out by the separatists to the public at large.

Andrew Grocock, CEO of Together UK Foundation