The Break up of Britain? George Soros

On Saturday 18th November I attended the George Soros funded ‘Break up of Britain?’ conference at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. This was an SNP Ultra’s Fest where guest speakers such as Green Party Caroline Lucas MP, Labour Party Clive Lewis MP and former Plaid Cymru leader and committed Marxist Leanne Wood all demanded the abolition of the Union of the United Kingdom to a cheering fundamentalist audience, with quotes such as “Scotland is trapped in an involuntary Union”, “Wales strains for more autonomy” and “Northern Ireland is held hostage”.

Noting the timing of the event, Scotland’s SNP First Minister Humza Yousaf launched another SNP plan for independence on the Friday, unveiling a ‘White Paper’ on Scotland joining the EU and having a separate currency. This was meat and drink to the separatist audience, who were all presented with a copy of The Nationalist newspaper upon entering the main hall.

In view of an in-coming Labour government, perhaps the most significant opinion came from Clive Lewis MP when he blamed his viewed ‘crisis of democracy’ on the maintenance of ‘The Monarchy’ – ‘The Union’ – ‘The Voting System’ – ‘An un-written constitution’ and ‘The City of London wielding such power over us’.

Lewis then proceeded to link the housing crisis in the UK to reparations to Caribbean Islands over the slave trade. His linkage was based on, and I quote…

“The people who built the empire, who took that wealth, brought it back here, set up the Overseas Territories, to dump the wealth in Tax Havens – we know we can get that back tomorrow if we wanted, those trillions that are there”.

My main interest in attending the conference was the morning break-out session entitled ‘The Rise of Sinn Fein and the prospects for a United Ireland’. The panel discussion was chaired by former Rector of the University of Edinburgh and political writer and Scottish independence campaigner Peter McColl with Irish cultural commentator and journalist Una Mullally and author of ‘A political History of the IRA’ Daniel Finn. The session focused on the pincer movement by Sinn Fein on potentially becoming the leading political parties in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and what that means for the trajectory of an intense United Ireland campaign.

The thrust of the Sinn Fein United Ireland plan is threefold.

  1. To replicate the success of the Republics ‘Irish Citizens’ Assembly’ road-shows into Northern Ireland, targeting and engaging with the younger voting demographic across both communities, supercharging the narrative that change is progressive.
  2. To have in place sympathetic commentators across all media in order to promote and control the UI narrative, but especially on social media, the information choice of the younger generation.
  3. Pressure the incumbent SoS NI to call the Border Poll at any cost, thus triggering the ‘every seven years’ referendum poll.

Following on from Una and Daniel’s commentaries, the session was dominated by questions from the floor about ‘How Scotland and Ireland can work together, to achieve their common goals of independence’. It was also of great encouragement to those attending the conference that George Soros was a potential financier for the ‘up coming march to freedom’, as it was referenced!

It therefore came as no surprise to see on social media the following Wednesday 22nd November that Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf had invited vice president Sinn Fein Michelle O’Neill to Bute House in Edinburgh, sparking media claims of a political pack to ‘Break Up Britain’.

Andrew Grocock, CEO of Together UK Foundation