Unionists Club’s Spring Rally

On Sunday 12th March 2023, the Union Clubs Scotland Spring Rally was held in the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel, Glasgow to a packed crowd of members and distinguished guests.

Union Clubs Chairman and Together UK Foundation supporter, Robert Elliot, opened the event with a rallying speech, where he filled the listening audience with immense pride for the United Kingdom and gave a battle cry for members to take on the separatist political parties at the next election.

There was then a very impressive PowerPoint presentation by UCS Jamie Crawford on the merits of ‘Postal Voting’ and a very well-made-out plan for Unionist Clubs Scotland members to sign-up family & friends not currently on the electoral register. If carried out, this objective will have an immense impact for Unionist candidates results at the next election.

Robert followed up by introducing the guest speakers.

Mrs Michelle Ballantyne, former Scottish Conservative MSP Shadow Minister for Childcare and Early Years.

Mr Neil LaL, Chairman and President of The Indian Council of Scotland and extremely successful international businessman.

Baroness Arlene Foster, former First Minister Northern Ireland, and Chairman Together UK Foundation, of which please find enclosed Arlene’s speech.

Andrew Grocock
Together UK Foundation

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